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The Rewatch 182: A Matter of Time

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 5.9 A Matter of Time (11/18/1991)
Rating: 3/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1/35

Notable Guest Stars:
Matt Frewer (Berlinghoff Rasmussen)-  Matt Frewer is probably best known as Max Headroom, but I know him best as Charlie, the lovable knight from Alice.

Stefan Gierasch (Hal Moseley) – Gierasch is a character actor who has appeared in many television series, including ER and Starsky & Hutch

Shelia Franklin (Felton)- Franklin does not have many credits to her name, but she is a reoccuring Ensign this season.


This is not a great episode.  It does however have a great cast.  Everyone does a great job, but I think Bergman’s script lacks what makes it a good episode.

The A plot is a meandering story about a man who claims to be a professor from the future coming back to study them for academic knowledge.  Matt Frewer is hiliarious at times and I do love him as an actor, but the plot fell short of being interesting.  It was amusing to watch Worf and Riker being so annoyed and suspicious of him at the start.

The B plot I found much more interesting.  The planet was hit by a asteroid and the resulting smoke and debris is starting to turn the planet into a nuclear winter.  The Enterprise comes by to try to help them fix the situation with their technology.  And they manage to do so, but I’d rather have leaned on that.

I usually am a fan of the episode where it delves more into a character or we see the crew when not in crisis mode, but this episode did not appeal to me.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Rick Berman
  • Directed by Paul Lynch
  • Won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Special Visual Effects
  • This was originally written for Robin Williams, but he had other commitments.


  •  Matt Frewer


  •  I honestly think that the geological nightmare going on down on the planet was much more interesting then some dude pretending he was from the future.

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