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The Rewatch 195: The Perfect Mate

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 5.21 The Perfect Mate (4/27/1992)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1/35

Notable Guest Stars:
Famke Janssen (Kamala) – I know her most prominently as Jean Gray in X-men.
Tim O’Conner (Briam) –
O’Conner was a long time Character Actor on television.
Max Grodenchik (Par Lenor) –
He will be a regular on DS9 as Rom.  Oddly he pretty much looks like Rom in this episode, so I guess they got the make-up ready.
Mickey Cottrell (Alrik) –
He is a reoccuring actor in Star Trek.  He’ll appear in Voyager


This episode….is an episode.  I had to pause it because I kept laughing at how bad it is.  Also because I am watching this post X-men so I’m watching Jean Gray try to seduce Charles Xavier and its…weird.

The Enterprise has been tasked with a mission to help solidify the end of the war between the Kriosians and the Valtians.  The Ambassador brings on board a metamorph, a woman whose personality alters till she bounds with her mate.  She can become exactly what the person she is with wants her to be.

It’s a little weird, and I’m not going to lie a bit sexist.  In the kriosians, most metamorphs are male, but occasionally there is a female metamorph.  Either way I’m uncomfortable with the idea that someone’s sole being is dicdated by whom they mate with.

Kamala travels around the ship causing issues because she has “pheromones.”  Which, okay fine. But it effects all species equality?  It seems a little odd that other then Data, every male on the ship is affected by her pheromones.  What about Lesbians – although, never mind.  I forgot that in Berman’s trek gay people don’t exist. But that does bring up a thought – what about those who would not normally be attracted to a woman?  Would they be affected by the pheromones? 

The actors did a great job, especially when you consider that Famke at the time had only been given a few days to prepare for the role and wasn’t completely fluent in English yet. Also we have Max Grodenchik who played Rom in DS9.  He plays a different Ferangi in this episode, but when I first saw him I immediately thought “Wait, why is Rom here?”

Another question I have is she claims she “bonded” with Picard, which I have to wonder if its really a bond if its one sided.  She chooses to bond with Picard because she likes who she is when she is with him, but It still seems a bit…weird. 

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Peter Allan Fields
  • Directed by Winrich Kolbe
  •  This episode won 2 Emmy Awards: Best Costume and Best Makeup for a series.
  •  Somewhat connected to the ENT Episode “Precious Cargo” which involves the Kriosians


  • Good acting by cast
  • Beverly/Picard friendship
  • Riker/Worf friendship


  • Low key sexism (going in both directions)
  • Lack of acknowledgement of different sexual orientations
  • Lack of Deanna Troi
  • Science what?

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