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NanoWrimo, July and Content!

Happy Summer everyone!

This month I’m back to attempting a regular posting schedule.  I typed it up even!  Part of it is an attempt to actually write during a Nano Camp, and part of it is to help me create structure (schedule at least) in my life.  So here are a few things you have to look forward to this month:

I will be writing a variety of posts so there is a little for everyone.  The majority of the posts will be Rewatch posts as I continue the 2020 project to rewatch/watch new the entirety of the Star Trek franchise.  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays will be the theme posts.  Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday will be the Rewatch posts.


For those of you here for my history posts, they will be back.  I have an article on the declaration in honor of July 4th (which will not have a post the day of), as well as two posts for the Women of History Series.  The first post will be on Marie de Bourgogne, Duchess of Burgundy and mother of the Hapsburg Dynasty.  Later in the month we will look at Julius Caesar’s sisters – Both named Julia.  The month of July was named after their brother, but they had connections to much of the Empire’s future.

Book It Reviews:

I’m attempting to catch up in doing reviews on books I’ve already read this year, so expect 2-3 book it posts this month.  All three planned are romance novels but coming in the future months I’ll have some mystery and non-fiction to add to the pot.


July is the second Camp Nano, and this year I will be making three posts (including this one) giving you updates on my attempts to write 10,000 words (which will be adjusted as I meet said goal) and what I’m working on.  This year I am going to be using my essays on History as well as work on some fiction (both original and fandom related).  My goal is to have at least 500 words a day, because I’m starting off slow and working myself up to what I used to be able to write in a day. 500 words is almost a page typed (this post is almost 500 words itself!  I will limit mentions to those three posts, but if you want to talk about it with me elsewhere, I am available on Twitter.

New Theme: Art!

One of my hobbies is being an artist, so this month I’m going to add art to this blog.  This month is International Watercolor Month, so I plan on taking a post to talk about Watercolor, and some of my favorite artists who use it.  Maybe even try some watercolor myself.

Check my twitter account for my daily doodles this month as I try to rework those tired art muscles I let go to waste.


A thirty-something Graphic Designer and writer who likes to blog about books, movies and History.

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