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The Rewatch 215: Lessons

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 6.19 Lessons (4/5/1993)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 8/19/54

Notable Guest Stars:

Wendy Hughes (Lt. Commander Nella Daren) – Most of Hughes’ work was in Australia so unfortunately I have not had the chance to see much of her work. She did appear in Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries which I saw an episode of. Unfortunately she died in 2014 of cancer.


This episode is a much lighter episode then the one before, and is more about character then it is about action. Picard slowly falls in love with a new member of his crew, Lt. Commander Nella Daren, who runs the Stellar Cartography lab. The two Their romance is paired with them and their music, playing together in the Jefferies tube and generally enjoying their time together.

There is some very nice scoring to this episode, and the scenes where the two play together are enjoyable to listen to. It is also nice to see Picard having an actual relationship that isn’t his consistent longing for Beverly Crusher or someone like Vash. She’s mature, and clearly enjoys her career, just like Picard. The two of them know to be professional, although they choose in the end to separate rather then put their professionalism on trial again.

I know this is a one off but it would have been interesting if they had kept the relationship going, and we occasionally saw her again. Its nice to see Picard happy and it would be nice to stop this whole “Captain is married to his ship” BS that is basically a way of getting out of saying they want him single because romance causes drama. Maybe they mention her on Picard.

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Morgan Gendel
  • Directed by Cliff Bole
  • Neither Hughes nor Stewart play the instruments you hear. Musicians off screen play for them.
  • One of the special effects was a practical effect of using liquid nitrogen poured on black velvet with air blowing on it. It was later enhanced with computer effects but it’s still neat to hear of some practical effects still in use.
  • The idea for this episode began during season 5, but wasn’t fully focused on till Season 6
  • First mention of Stellar Cartography
  • They purposely wanted to cast an actress who looked like she was in Picard’s age range.


  • Picard gets to have a little romance in his life.
  • Stellar Cartography sounds like an awesome job


  • Let Picard be happy damn it.

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