The Rewatch 77: The Search for Spock

Star Trek: The Search for Spock (1984)
Rating: PG
My Grade: B

Notable Guest Stars:

Christopher Lloyd – Lord Kruge.  Its Doc Brown.  If you don’t know who Doc Brown is, get yourself to the streaming sites and rent Back to the Future.  Or Angels in the Outfield.  Also a good movie.  One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is also considered pretty good by critics (but I don’t care for it).
Merritt Butrick – David Marcus  – His second appearance in Trek, his last as David Marcus.
Dame Judith Anderson – T’Lar.  She took the role for her nephew who urged her to.
Robin Curtis – Lt. Saavik.
Mark Lenard – Sarek.  This is his third appearance in the role.  He would continue to play this character into the TNG series.
Miguel Ferrer – First Officer of the Excelsior.  I know him from Crossing Jordan and didn’t even catch that he was in the movie till I read the cast list.  He’s also known for his role in NCIS: LA.
John Larroquette – Maltz.  He was known for his role on Night Court, and he also appeared as a charismatic spy on Chuck.
Grace Lee Whitney – She’s credited as ‘Woman in Cafeteria, but lets face it:  She’s Janice Rand.


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The Rewatch 76: The Wrath of Khan

Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan (1982)
Rating: PG
My Grade: 5/5

Notable Guest Stars:

Ricardo Montalban – Khan, reprising his role from the Original Series.
Bibi Besch – Carol Marcus.  She is known for several films, but I’m going to mention Tremors because I love that movie.  She had a bit part – the Doctor’s wife. She died in 1996 after a long battle with Breast cancer.
Merritt Butrick- David Marcus.  He would appear in the following film (as David) and in an episode of TNG before his untimely death at 29 in 1989.  He also had a recurring role on Square Pegs as Johnny Slash.
Kiristie Alley – Lt. Saavik.  She is known for her roles on Cheers, Veronica’s Closet, and several reality tv shows about her life. I’ve always enjoyed her acting.  This was her credited role.  Unfortunately she would pass on reprising the role for the sequel.
Paul Winfield– Captain Clark Terrell.  He is known for his role in the fim Sounder which earned him an Academy award nomination. He also had a part in 1966 on the show Man from U.N.C.L.E.


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The Rewatch 74: The Animated Series

I decided to review this series as a whole after the third episode because the episodes are so short its hard to do a review that’s not just a summery of events.  Instead, I’m going to write one review on the entirely of the season.

The Animated series was produced in 1973-1974 for Paramount Television. It was a 22 minute show that aired in the morning.  The writers decided to aim this series at all ages rather then just adults.  Therefore some of the themes from the original series aren’t to be found in this series.

This series is not necessary to watch to enjoy later series. It does fill in some elements of backstory and characterization for the Original series.   It has been argued back and forth whether this series is part of the franchise canon, and I believe it eventually is canon.  It definitely doesn’t have the same feel as the other series.

Part of that I believe is because it must tell its story in 22 minutes rather then 50 (or 45 for later series). It also requires, due to production costs, several of the actors to do several voices. That isn’t uncommon with animated series.  Its when the characters are known characters from the show (for example, Koloth) and its someone else doing the voice is a little off putting.  

The stories are sometimes a bit odd as well.  Some of them are based on scripts and outlines that were in the plan for the non-existant season 4.  Reducing something meant for 50 minutes down to 22 probably leaves something left to be desired. 

The series, like TOS, is episodic rather then arched, so each episode is pretty much self-contained.  I think if there had been more episodes, and some of the episodes had continuing stories perhaps it would have worked out better.

Overall I am neutral on this series.  Its not a show I enjoyed binging.  I feel like perhaps its better as an occasional view, maybe when you have a feel for a particular storyline.  I do enjoy that the animated series has given more time to some of the characters not the main three, such as Uhura and Chapel.  It also think it helped the idea of making a film later down the road.

The animation is beautiful, but it doesn’t age well.  There are often mistakes and goofs. The one that stood out to me in the first episode is that Uhura’s desk is about three inches too low and looks like she’s twice her size.  Other scenes have background temporarily jumping to the top or lines not matching up.  I don’t know if this because of digitalizing it or if this was an original problem.

Positive things I enjoy about this series is the fact that it gives more adventures.  They just need to be drawn out a bit to be enjoyable.  This might be a good series to start with children as they are shorter stories.    It also fills out some backstory on the characters, including Robert April. 

Final Rating:  3/5.

The Rewatch 73: All Our Yesterdays.

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.23  All Our Yesterdays (03-14-1969) (er…Finale?)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status:  0/9/58

Notable Guest Stars:
Ian Wolfe – Mr. Atoz.  He is a popular character actor with over 400 credits to his name. He appeared earlier on the series as Septimus in Bread & Circuses.
Mariette Hartley –
Zarabeth.  She is an award-winning character actress as well as the founder of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.
Kermit Murdock –
The Prosecutor
Johnny Haymer –
The Constable.  He is known for his role on M*A*S*H


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The Rewatch 72: The Savage Curtain

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.22  The Savage Curtain (03-07-1969)
Rating: 3/5
Redshirt Status:  0/9/58

Notable Guest Stars:
Lee Bergere – President Lincoln.  He was known for his role as Joseph Anders.
Barry Atwater – Surak
He is known for his role in the 1972 film The Night Stalker.
Phillip Pine – Col. Phillip Green 
He appeared in various television shows of the area He is also not related to Trek Actors Robert or Chris Pine (who are, in fact, related)


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The Rewatch 71: The Cloud Minders

Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.21 The Cloud Minders (02-28-1969)
Rating: 3/5
Redshirt Status:  0/9/58

Notable Guest Stars:
Jeff Corey – Plasus. Unfortunately Jeff Corey was a victim of blacklisting during the 1950s due to McCarthism and the panic over communism within the United States, which still has effects today. He appeared on many television shows and continued to work in film after the blacklisting was lifted.
Diana Ewing – Droxine
Fred Williamson – Anka
. He was a professional football player before turning to acting. He gets extra kudos for being a member of my favorite team, the Steelers (Pittsburgh).


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The Rewatch 70: The Way to Eden


Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.20 The Way to Eden (02-21-1969)
Rating: 2/5
Redshirt Status:  0/9/58

Notable Guest Stars:
 Skip Homeier – Dr. Sevrin
Charles Napier – Adam. 
He would appear again in Deep Space Nine.
Elizabeth Rogers – Lt. Palmer
Mary Linda Rapelye – Irina. 
She appeared on several soap operas over the years.  Her most recent credit was 2009’s The Proposal.


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The Rewatch 69: Requiem for Methuselah


Series: Star Trek (The Original Series)
Episode: 3.19 Requiem for Methuselah (02-14-1969)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 3/9/58

Notable Guest Stars:
James Daly – Flint. Character actor who appeared on shows such as Ironside, Mission Impossible and The Fugitive.
Louise Sorel –
Rayna Kapec.  She currently can be found on the TV series Beacon Hill, and was also known for being Vivian Alamain on Days of Our Lives.


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