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My Writing: A Self-Analysis

I made myself promise to write in this blog at least once a day.  I plan mostly to write about my writing, and my artwork/graphics and not my personal life since I already have an online journal for that. 

So what about my writing?    I write mostly fanfiction, and a little original.   I’ve been nominated for awards twice, but haven’t won, both for the same fandom (Stargate SG-1/Stargate Atlantis).  Most of what I write is one-shots because while I can have full length novels running around in my head, it has a hard time translating to words on a piece of paper or Word.  I sometimes write better when I’m on a computer then when I have a blank notebook in front of me.

I’ve always liked to write.  My earliest stuff that I can remember were poems and homework assignments for Creative Writing class (Short stories) in 9th grade.  I think the first story I wrote that I still have is a story called “The Wing” which was in responce to a challenge in CW to write a horror story since it was almost halloween.  In my story the main character moves to England and finds her next door neighbor, and the father of the guy she likes, is a Vampire.  Its not that good (It goes too fast), and one day I’ll rewrite it into a better and longer story.

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