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Movie Review: Antman

Title: Ant-Man (2015)

My Grade:  A

So I finally got a chance to watch Antman this past week.  I’ve been meaning to see it for awhile now, but never got to it.  Paul Rudd, as usual when I watch his movies, is great.  The movie in general isn’t bad, and the casting seems excellant.  I remember there being some concern from comic fans about elements of the story (mainly Hope’s mother) but as someone whose never read an Ant-man comic, I am unaware of what those concerns are and if they materialised in the film.

While there is nothing really about the movie that sticks out to me as the-best-thing-ever  (apart from some hilarious one-liners by supporting cast and a Thomas the Tank-engine cameo), nothing really stands out as particularly bad either.  I look forward to the next movie, which might contain a little less explaining of what is going on.

Spoilers below:

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