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Movie Review: Antman

Title: Ant-Man (2015)

My Grade:  A

So I finally got a chance to watch Antman this past week.  I’ve been meaning to see it for awhile now, but never got to it.  Paul Rudd, as usual when I watch his movies, is great.  The movie in general isn’t bad, and the casting seems excellant.  I remember there being some concern from comic fans about elements of the story (mainly Hope’s mother) but as someone whose never read an Ant-man comic, I am unaware of what those concerns are and if they materialised in the film.

While there is nothing really about the movie that sticks out to me as the-best-thing-ever  (apart from some hilarious one-liners by supporting cast and a Thomas the Tank-engine cameo), nothing really stands out as particularly bad either.  I look forward to the next movie, which might contain a little less explaining of what is going on.

Spoilers below:

There was one subplot that didn’t really make sense in the movie, and that was Pym’s archnemesis. In the start of the movie you think he’s going to be the bad guy, they focus in on him alot in that scene with Stark & Carter.  (Which begs the question – just how many Howard Starks are there now??)  He only pops in a few scenes later in the movie and doesn’t seem to have any particular role to play other then financing  Darren Cross.  I do have to wonder though, perhaps this man will appear again in the sequel film that has been announced.


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