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Movie Review: X-Men: Apocalypse

Title:  X-Men: Apocalypse (Third in the First Class series).
Rating: PG-13

My grade: B-

I enjoyed the movie, though I don’t think it quite lived up to the hype they tried to build for it.  Apcoalypse himself came off really as that creeper who won’t say no for an answer combinded with a televangelist.  Alex Summers appears, but I thought he was dead, so clearly a rewatch of the first movie is in need.

I did enjoy the cast, who I think did a great job with what they were given.

I’m going to put the rest under a read more because it will contain spoilers.

The movie left me with a few questions.

  1. Was it completely necessary to give Magneto a kid and wife and then have them killed?  And if that was Magda,  isn’t she Pietro/Peter’s mom?
  2. Was no one going to acknowledge the fact that Kurt is also a second generation X-men?
  3. Why didn’t we see Moira getting to chew Charles out for the memory wipe?  I mean if I learned that I had a year of memories taken from me, including pretty serious emotions concerning the man who wiped them, I’d be pissed. Maybe understanding why he did it, but still pissed.  Yet there was no mention as to what Moira did about it except that she reported that Magneto helped beat the guy.
  4. While I adore Hugh Jackman and Wolverine, was his brief apperance really necessary for the film?  Because honestly it felt like just an excuse to get the guy mostly naked.
  5. Exactly how old are the ‘kids’?  I’m currently assuming that Jean, Kurt and Scott are in their late teens (17,18) and Peter is 26 (going on the assumption he was 16 in the last film).
  6. Jubilee?  Why did they make a big deal about her casting and not use her?

I will say that Sophie Turner made me feel interested in Jean Gray again (which I hadn’t since I saw the movie that shall not be named. *cough*Xmen3*cough*).   I still care not a ota about Scott Summers,  Kurt/NightCrawler is one of my favorite X-men, although he might be getting competition from the other second Gen’er Peter/Quicksilver.

Some of the best parts were with Peter.  He has a couple sequences as Quicksilver

At most this feels like a movie that is giving us a glimpse of the time between two major events.  The climax was a bit soft, and there was so much informaiton packed into the movie that it seemed that there were several loose ends.  Hopefully if they make a fourth movie for the First Class series, they will fix that.

And also how is it that Raven nor Charles let it sleep to Magneto that he still has a son around?  (And potientially another daugher, wherever Wanda is in this universe.  Or are they permentally seperating them in the film verse.  Only one Maximoff per film series.  The world can’t bare the awesomeness of them both together for more then one film.)

So the script was a little flat, but the actors did a good job with what they were given, and I will still watch the next one.


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