The Rewatch: 165: Galaxy’s Child

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 4.16  Galaxy’s Child (03/11/1991)
Rating:  1/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1/34

Notable Guest Stars:
Susan Gibney (Leah Brahms)– I knew her best as Renee Walcott on Crossing Jordon. She appears twice as Leah Brahms on Star Trek, and will later appear on DS9 as another character. She has a wide array of television roles as well,

Lanei Chapman (Sariel Rager) – Chapman is a reoccuring actor on the series, but she only is credited for half the episodes.

Jana Maries Hupp (Pavlik)– You might recognize her as Mindy Hunter, Rachel’s maid of honor on Friends (the second one), and she will appear as Lieutenant Monroe on a later episode of Trek.


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The Rewatch 92: 11001001

Series: Star Trek The Next Generation
Episode: 1.15 11001001 (02-1-88)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1

Notable Guest Stars:
Carolyn McCormick – Minuet. She is known for her role on Law & Order as Dr. Elizabeth Olivet
Gene Dynarski – Orfil Quinteros. He was involved with Close Encounters of the Third Kind playing the role of Joseph Stalin. He also appeared in the Star Trek first season episode Mudd’s Women. He also appeared in The Mark of Gideon.
Jack Sheldon – Piano Player


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The Rewatch 89: The Big Goodbye

Series: Star Trek (The Animated Series)
Episode: 1.11 The Big Goodbye (01-11-88)
Rating: 4/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1

Notable Guest Stars:
Lawrence Tierney – Cyrus Redblock. He was known for playing mobsters. He was also featured in Reservoir Dogs (1992). He would return to play a character in DS9
Harvy Jason – Felix Leech. Featured in Jurassic Park 2: Lost World.
William Boyett – Dan Bell. Appeared in the 1960s TV series Adam-12
Dick Miller – Vender. Popular character actor.
Gary Armagnac – Lt McNary . He is more known for his theater work then his television work, but he has won several awards and worked as a Director of Education for a Shakespeare festival in Utah.
Guy Vardaman – He would become a regular background actor, stand-in and body double on the show. In this episode he plays a background citizen of San Francisco.


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