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The Rewatch: 165: Galaxy’s Child

Series: Star Trek: TNG
Episode: 4.16  Galaxy’s Child (03/11/1991)
Rating:  1/5
Redshirt Status: 0/1/34

Notable Guest Stars:
Susan Gibney (Leah Brahms)– I knew her best as Renee Walcott on Crossing Jordon. She appears twice as Leah Brahms on Star Trek, and will later appear on DS9 as another character. She has a wide array of television roles as well,

Lanei Chapman (Sariel Rager) – Chapman is a reoccuring actor on the series, but she only is credited for half the episodes.

Jana Maries Hupp (Pavlik)– You might recognize her as Mindy Hunter, Rachel’s maid of honor on Friends (the second one), and she will appear as Lieutenant Monroe on a later episode of Trek.


 This episode could be code named:  How Geordi got to be Creepy for an episode. Remember back a year when Geordi was trying to get the Enterprise out the booby trap and he created a holographic image of Leah Brahms to help him do it?  Well, this episode is a follow up.

Geordi became infatuated with the computer’s version of Leah Brahms.  He has had his image in his head for over a year and can’t wait to meet the real thing.  Guinan’s look of “Geordi, you idiot” is pretty much what I thought too.  Also “You realise that sounds creepy, right?”  It was creepy when it was Barclay, it was creepy when it was Geordi (although I appreciated the fact that they finally gave the man some romance, couldn’t have it been with a real person?)

I think the thing that pushes this from awkward creepy to full creepy is that he never deleted the holograph.  He basically had the computer read her journal and create a lifelike facsimile and then used it against the real one in attempts to get her to be involved with him.  Which is creepy.  And a bit stalkerish honestly.

Please, Trek, stop making holographic women and thinking that is romantic when the real one shows up and the guy knows everything.  Its not.  Its creepy and a turn off.

I love Geordi, but this episode does not show him in the best light.  Especially after he apparently put forth friendship and got caught out on actually wanting something romantic.  Did he say “I still want to be friends,” no.  He went and whined to Guninan about it.

This whole episode is a train wreck.  And I’m going to block it out once again so I can continue to like Geordi and TNG in general.

On the better side of the episode the Enterprise comes across a lifeform that attacks and in defense they accidently kill it.  It is pregnant and with Crusher’s help the baby is born.  But it thinks that the Enterprise is its mother and starts to feed off their energy. 

Interesting Notes:

  • Written by Thomas Kartozian and Maurice Hurley. Adiditional polishing done by Jeri Taylor and Ronald D. Moore.
  • Directed by Winrich Kolbe
  •  This episode follows up on the episode “Booby Trap” from the previous season.


  •  Picard and the Crew having a baby animal and transporting it back to its home.


  •  Stop.  Making.  Holographs.  Of. Real. People. Without. Their. Permission.
  • Geordi meeting “Nice Guy” status
  • Geordi’s whole subplot in this episode.  Just no, people.  No.

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