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The Beatles

June 1st was the anniversary of the the release of Sgt. Pepper. The Beatles are one of my favorite bands.  They have a song for almost any mood, and have been arguably one of the most influential bands of the last fifty years.

But I just like their music.  My favorite song is actually from an older album.  It’s been remade several times. “In My Life” was even a tv theme song to the show Providence.

Over the course of their time together the Fab Four expiramented with themes, styles and instruments.  They even came up with a few recording techniques. Therefore there is quite a variety of songs in their catalog.

They have songs for kids and road trips, angry break up songs, angry activist songs, feel good songs, and iconic songs.

They are up on spotify and other streaming /downloading services and you can also find many of the awesome covers of their music on the same services and youtube.

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David Bowie

I woke up to the news today that David Bowie died last night after a long battle with cancer.  I wasn’t aware that he had been sick.  It was only a few days ago a friend and I were discussing him because it was his birthday.

David Bowie was one of those artists where I enjoyed them but was never OOOOH MUST HAVE about when a new album came out.  He was always in the background.  He was an artist you had to respect even if you didn’t like his music.

I grew up with David Bowie music.  His career spanned decades and ranged in style.  He showed up on soundtracks often, and a few movies as well.  I think part of me thought he’d be putting out new music for a few more decades.   So today with his passing, it seems like there is a hole in the fabric of music.

One of my favorite childhood movies was Labyrinth where he starred as Jareth, the king of the Goblins.   The soundtrack is also one of my favorites and he wrote most of the songs on the album if I remember correctly

Here are a pair of my favorite songs from the movie:


RIP David Bowie.  You will be missed.

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This Day in History

This is supposed to be for Linux’ birthday, but I like penguins so there. Source: Pixabay

Today was my birthday, and I was interested in finding out what actually was happening in the world the day I was born.  So a quick google brought me to the New York Times website which apparently has summery pages on various days of the past.

Things that happened the day I was born

  • Reagan made Americans disappointed when he decided to bring sanctions against Libya. Needless to say, many of our Allies and Libya’s allies were not happy either.
  • Reagan wanted to sell government loans to private collectors to make government smaller. To be honest I’m not sure how this works in making government smaller other then saving paper.
  • An antiviral substance called Interferon seems to work against the Common cold.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS?!?  I looked it up and all I got was that later betaseron was developed from it and that is used to treat MS. Wait, a more specific google search turned up a 1985 paper detailing a study using the substance.  Basically it can reduce the cold, but it causes more blood in your mucus and doesn’t seem to keep others from getting it from you.
  • Gorbachev introduces a unemployment program because modernizing Russia’s economy means a temporary increase in unemployment.
  • A group of Jewish slave laborers win a settlement against German munitions factories that used their labor.
  • Unemployment was down to 6.8, the lowest in 5 years in the United States. (Current unemployment is 5.5, so we are doing much better now)
  • Kodak stops selling their answer to Polaroid after loosing a case.  Although I couldn’t find out if January 9th was the day they stopped producing it or the day they were taken to trial.

And I found a video with the top 40 songs for January 9th.  Oddly enoguh I only knew about 3 of the songs.  But at least I knew the #1 song the day I was born.  Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls.