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This Day in History

This is supposed to be for Linux’ birthday, but I like penguins so there. Source: Pixabay

Today was my birthday, and I was interested in finding out what actually was happening in the world the day I was born.  So a quick google brought me to the New York Times website which apparently has summery pages on various days of the past.

Things that happened the day I was born

  • Reagan made Americans disappointed when he decided to bring sanctions against Libya. Needless to say, many of our Allies and Libya’s allies were not happy either.
  • Reagan wanted to sell government loans to private collectors to make government smaller. To be honest I’m not sure how this works in making government smaller other then saving paper.
  • An antiviral substance called Interferon seems to work against the Common cold.  WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS?!?  I looked it up and all I got was that later betaseron was developed from it and that is used to treat MS. Wait, a more specific google search turned up a 1985 paper detailing a study using the substance.  Basically it can reduce the cold, but it causes more blood in your mucus and doesn’t seem to keep others from getting it from you.
  • Gorbachev introduces a unemployment program because modernizing Russia’s economy means a temporary increase in unemployment.
  • A group of Jewish slave laborers win a settlement against German munitions factories that used their labor.
  • Unemployment was down to 6.8, the lowest in 5 years in the United States. (Current unemployment is 5.5, so we are doing much better now)
  • Kodak stops selling their answer to Polaroid after loosing a case.  Although I couldn’t find out if January 9th was the day they stopped producing it or the day they were taken to trial.

And I found a video with the top 40 songs for January 9th.  Oddly enoguh I only knew about 3 of the songs.  But at least I knew the #1 song the day I was born.  Pet Shop Boys’ West End Girls.



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