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A bit of this and a bit of that

So I’m working on my homework assignment for Intro to Fiction.  We are supposed to read a bunch of short stories and one of the appendixes.  The Appendix is on Elements of Fiction.   It should be an interesting read.  I have to take a quiz on it tomorrow.

And I’ll have to sacrifice my poor computer to Linux.  *cries*  I’m just glad my mom said ok, and that I don’t have to worry about having to put it on my laptop.

Anyway, since NCIS is about the only thing coming through my muse these days, I will talk about that.  I have two choices right now.  I can either continue it the way I’m writing it, wherein everything is cannon except the deaths of Jenny and Kate, and everyone knows Kate is alive or I can rewrite it where half the mission is them finding out that Kate’s been alive all these years, kept in a stasis pod by the Trust. 

I also have another choice in what will happen to the Ziva/Tony/Kate storyline.  Originally at the start of the story Ziva and Tony were to be together, in a starting relationship, not quite concrete but the possibly was there.  But though the story they come apart, partially because of Tony/Kate and partially because I have a future love interest for Ziva (there is a certain Major in Stargate-dom who is need of a love interest, not to mention a promotion.).  The other option was that Tony and Kate would have almost moments, but at the end of this story, Kate goes off with her boyfriend David and Tony goes off to date whatever pretty lady comes his way (Ziva still getting the Major).  And then I’d write a sequel that was a few years down the road where they actually get together.

I’m thinking the first one is probably the best.  Although what do I do about David.  He’s still Kate’s boyfriend, and they will have to break up.  I don’t do cheating.  And the ultimate shipper goal is that Kate and Tony get together at some point.

Although thanks to certain Fanfic writers I now have it in my personal universe that the week between SWAK and TWILIGHT Tony and Kate made headway towards being a couple.  So I have it in my head that the two had a date planned for that weekend, which of course never happened due to Ari. 

The plot continues to grow.  Although should Ari have a part time job as a Trust Agent?  Perhaps I should leave him out of this story.  After all, there was a two parter with the express intent to kill him, so I should let him lie in peace.

Basic Plot as is right now is that the Trust wants to make hosts that are stronger then the usual bunch (People are idiots, just ask the guy who brought back the replicators).  They hire a bunch of scientists, telling them that they want to create a group of super soldiers to fight terrorism and to be the start of a new generation of humans who have more immunities and such.

The Marine/Petty Officer victim of the week (I will one day start taking a count of who dies, because it seems like those two are the most hit on NCIS) will be apart of this group.  He will have on his computer information about the selection process and how they got their materials.  However, he will disagree with a Trust Agent and be killed and they will wipe his Hard Drive.  But because they are stupid (as all good Villains usually end up being), Abby & McGee will work wonders and get the information back. 

They will track down and find the ‘camp’ where all the testing is being done and where the children live once they are born.  There are five children who have survived to toddler hood, 2 five year olds and 3 two year olds. One of the two year olds is Kat, the daughter of Kate & Tony. 

I need to flesh out some of the stops between finding POVOTW and finding the kids.  But that is the basic gist so far.  I need to refamilarize myself with the Trust.

ooooo..>Athena.   Got to remember to use her.  After all, I don’t think she’s quite dead yet.

Basically the story will have a plot besides trying to bring those two together and ignoring canon death of characters.  Though I have been known to do that, ignore canon. (see my Draco/Ginny collection).


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