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Ponderings: AUs

After school let out for the summer I decided to go through my computer and finish the unfinished stories and start getting them moved over to the “Look how much crap I have written” Disk.  I opened the NCIS folder, having decided to start there and realized I had six unfinished stories. All of them were AUs in the sense that Kate Todd never dies in my stories (except in the Doom Fic, which she actually only dies for a few minutes) but I wondered if I should actually call them AUs.  For examples, I shall list the summaries of these WIPs.

1. Dirty Deeds

Basically I’m writing a cliché.  Kate and Tony have a one-night stand the night before his wedding to Bianca (an OC).  Much angst is held because Tony is confused, Kate feels guilt and confusion, Abby and the rest of the gang are wondering why the hell Tony is getting married and Bianca has issues of her own.  AU because Kate is alive and Tony is actually getting married, but still staying close to canon.

2. As the World Falls Down

Kate & Tony (are you getting my ship for this fandom yet?) babysit Tony’s half-sister.  Kate has a strange dream inspired by Labyrinth and decides to make a move on Tony.   It starts off as a fluffy one-shot but Abby & Tim wanted their turn. So its more.  AU Kate but stays close to canon

3. The Christmas AU 1

Tony and Kate spend Christmas together during the great Snow-in. Canon AU

4. The Christmas AU 2

Jen, Kate and Ziva own a book store.  Ari is a patient at a mental facility where he is watched over by Dr. Leon Vance. Ducky runs a clinic with Gerald and Jimmy, Paula Cassidy a jewelry store, Cassie Yates a drug store, Tony a movie rental place and Abby a computer repair center.  Tim is a writer known for spending time at the book store.  I forget what I have Gibbs doing.  AU AU

5.  Untitled

Tony decides to take a job in LA for a few months to put distance between himself and Kate.  This is how She realizes how much Tony actually does within the group dynamic.  AU season 3

6. The One with a Casino

Jen owns a casino. Ari wants her casino, so he sends his best man Peter to try and blackmail and otherwise terrorize a stubborn Jen out of the casino.  Kate is a PI (partnered with Tony) and comes to work undercover to catch Ari & Peter in the act. Gibbs is Jen’s wealthy but retired boyfriend, Ducky and Jimmy bartenders, Ziva is head of security, and McGee is a frequent customer to the table where Abby is the dealer.

There is more (including, I think, a McAbby ficlet) but I will stop there. Especially since this is supposed to be a reading/writing original fic journal. But the point is most of those stick to canon in the sense that they have the same missions, the same things happen to people, but its altered slightly by the fact that Kate (and at times Jen) lived to see another season.  But then I also have the Casino and Bookshop fics.  If its AU to have Kate alive, what do I call fics where its not even in the same setting as the original product.

What if I have Rodney and John as professors at Atlantis University instead of who they are on the show?  Do I call that Au or do I have another label for it.  Or what if I write a fic where Vala never got off the Prometheus the first time?

So what I am asking my few readers is How do you define an AU and whats canon fic.

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Question to my readers

Which is a better way to start a story based on a crime show

a)  The body of the Petty Officer is found

b) the gang is told about the Stargate program at lunch with Kate

c) Tony has lunch with Kate

d) Tony and Kate are having dinner together, catching up when Tony gets the call that a body is found.

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As yet untitled NCIS/SG-1 fic prologue


Author’s Notes:  This is a rough draft.  I plan on writing more into this.  Especially at the end.  Delve more into Nicholas, and in particular his relationship with Tony.  Katarina;s name may also change.  She’s dead (I’m trusting Gibbs and not Tony on this one, because the writers didn’t keep a correct way of wiether she was alive or not.)

Spoilers: All 10 seasons of SG-1, first 5 seasons of NCIS, particularly seasons 1-2.   Nothing heavily episode related, but NCIS and SG have things that are said in them that filter through out the whole show (like people teasing Tony about the Transsexual he made out with)

Basically, right now know that Vala and Cameron are at the SGC, as is Sam.  Sam & Jack are involved in a serious relationship.   Paul Davis has been promoted to Lt. Colonel and is currently helping Kate set up an investigative section of Homeworld Security.

Ziva and Tony are kinda together.  They aren’t holding each other to any sort of commitment and both are thinking of ending it, amicably.

Jenny did not die.  So ignore anything about the season 5 finale or later.  Kate did not die, but she hasn’t been working at NCIS since her attack (where she did die, but they were able to bring her back with the technology the SGC had available).

Umm….yeah, thats basically it I think.  If not I’ll revise this later on.  Proabably when this becomes a publishable –at-an-archive stage.


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The problem with stories that go on in your head is..

That you get scenes that are totally not part of the story being planned.

Like I have this scene in my head of Kat (who, given that I see her being a little like Abby, might actually in fact be like the person I know as Kat) wanting a pet Iguana but Tony saying no (and Kate laughing her butt off about.).  Now she just wants a pet, so she moves on to other animals trying to find one that her parents will allow (and that their apartments will allow).  And during a case, there is a dog that has to go up for adoption because its owner died and it has no one to take of it, so Tony decides that its the perfect pet for Kat, since its a older dog whose been around alot of people, and for some odd reason it just hits him as the right thing to do.  And Kat is very happy about it.

But given the story takes place when Kat is 2 and not 6 or 7 like she would be in the scene above, it gets annoying when that is the scene that’s running through your head.

Why can’t it be the scene where Jack and Gibbs argue over jurisdiction?

Ooooo…Jack and Gibbs in the elevator conference room.  Discussing whose got what rights and coming to an agreement……

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Ok, this just came out in a stream of consciousness.  Its probably not at all canonically correct (well, its AU, but I’m referring to the characterization) and really is just me writing till I stop.  So read at your own risk. I may post it somewhere later if I feel happy with it.

EDIT:  I’m not so happy with it.  Its here to get constructive criticism.  Still a RAOR type of story.  Its actually not finished, but I couldn’t figure out how to save it from OCC ness if I continued.  It does have complete sentences though, and doesn’t end halfway through a sentence like a drabble I posted earlier (on another journal).

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I’m reading JAG fics right now since I recently have been watching the early episodes of the show (since it is what NCIS is spun off of) and it got me wondering about something.

When someone has a nickname, or if two characters were to call each other by their last names, would having a relationship change them calling each other that? 

For example, Would Jack O’Neill start calling Sam ‘Sam’ all the time if they were together, or would he still call her Carter?  Now I’m pretty sure Sam would call Jack, Jack (although a few slip ups to Sir would probably happen).  She’s called him that before (again, when not ‘sir).  Sir would be awkward to call one’s boyfriend.

What brought this up was JAG fic where Harm starts calling Mac Sarah all the time.  Now I can see a few times since it is her name.  But the majority of the time?  I think he would still call her Mac. 

I guess its all in how we view the characters, or view how that type of relationship would work. 

I just couldn’t see someone stop using a nickname because they become lovers.  Now, in Sam’s case I could see a change in address because she calls Jack ‘Sir’ and by his title alot due to them being the same chain of command for most of their relationship.   And I think Kate would probably alternate between calling Tony by his name or DiNozzo.  He’d probably still sneak a Katie in every once and awhile.  But its not a huge change from what they do now.

I guess its mostly just a personal quirk that I don’t see having people change what they call people because they switch from being friends to dating/married.    Sometimes I see them using personal nicknames, like someone calling someone named John, Jay or something of that nature.  I’m not big on the whole pet names though.

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A bit of this and a bit of that

So I’m working on my homework assignment for Intro to Fiction.  We are supposed to read a bunch of short stories and one of the appendixes.  The Appendix is on Elements of Fiction.   It should be an interesting read.  I have to take a quiz on it tomorrow.

And I’ll have to sacrifice my poor computer to Linux.  *cries*  I’m just glad my mom said ok, and that I don’t have to worry about having to put it on my laptop.

Anyway, since NCIS is about the only thing coming through my muse these days, I will talk about that.  I have two choices right now.  I can either continue it the way I’m writing it, wherein everything is cannon except the deaths of Jenny and Kate, and everyone knows Kate is alive or I can rewrite it where half the mission is them finding out that Kate’s been alive all these years, kept in a stasis pod by the Trust. 

I also have another choice in what will happen to the Ziva/Tony/Kate storyline.  Originally at the start of the story Ziva and Tony were to be together, in a starting relationship, not quite concrete but the possibly was there.  But though the story they come apart, partially because of Tony/Kate and partially because I have a future love interest for Ziva (there is a certain Major in Stargate-dom who is need of a love interest, not to mention a promotion.).  The other option was that Tony and Kate would have almost moments, but at the end of this story, Kate goes off with her boyfriend David and Tony goes off to date whatever pretty lady comes his way (Ziva still getting the Major).  And then I’d write a sequel that was a few years down the road where they actually get together.

I’m thinking the first one is probably the best.  Although what do I do about David.  He’s still Kate’s boyfriend, and they will have to break up.  I don’t do cheating.  And the ultimate shipper goal is that Kate and Tony get together at some point.

Although thanks to certain Fanfic writers I now have it in my personal universe that the week between SWAK and TWILIGHT Tony and Kate made headway towards being a couple.  So I have it in my head that the two had a date planned for that weekend, which of course never happened due to Ari. 

The plot continues to grow.  Although should Ari have a part time job as a Trust Agent?  Perhaps I should leave him out of this story.  After all, there was a two parter with the express intent to kill him, so I should let him lie in peace.

Basic Plot as is right now is that the Trust wants to make hosts that are stronger then the usual bunch (People are idiots, just ask the guy who brought back the replicators).  They hire a bunch of scientists, telling them that they want to create a group of super soldiers to fight terrorism and to be the start of a new generation of humans who have more immunities and such.

The Marine/Petty Officer victim of the week (I will one day start taking a count of who dies, because it seems like those two are the most hit on NCIS) will be apart of this group.  He will have on his computer information about the selection process and how they got their materials.  However, he will disagree with a Trust Agent and be killed and they will wipe his Hard Drive.  But because they are stupid (as all good Villains usually end up being), Abby & McGee will work wonders and get the information back. 

They will track down and find the ‘camp’ where all the testing is being done and where the children live once they are born.  There are five children who have survived to toddler hood, 2 five year olds and 3 two year olds. One of the two year olds is Kat, the daughter of Kate & Tony. 

I need to flesh out some of the stops between finding POVOTW and finding the kids.  But that is the basic gist so far.  I need to refamilarize myself with the Trust.

ooooo..>Athena.   Got to remember to use her.  After all, I don’t think she’s quite dead yet.

Basically the story will have a plot besides trying to bring those two together and ignoring canon death of characters.  Though I have been known to do that, ignore canon. (see my Draco/Ginny collection).