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The problem with stories that go on in your head is..

That you get scenes that are totally not part of the story being planned.

Like I have this scene in my head of Kat (who, given that I see her being a little like Abby, might actually in fact be like the person I know as Kat) wanting a pet Iguana but Tony saying no (and Kate laughing her butt off about.).  Now she just wants a pet, so she moves on to other animals trying to find one that her parents will allow (and that their apartments will allow).  And during a case, there is a dog that has to go up for adoption because its owner died and it has no one to take of it, so Tony decides that its the perfect pet for Kat, since its a older dog whose been around alot of people, and for some odd reason it just hits him as the right thing to do.  And Kat is very happy about it.

But given the story takes place when Kat is 2 and not 6 or 7 like she would be in the scene above, it gets annoying when that is the scene that’s running through your head.

Why can’t it be the scene where Jack and Gibbs argue over jurisdiction?

Ooooo…Jack and Gibbs in the elevator conference room.  Discussing whose got what rights and coming to an agreement……


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