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Its interesting, looking at my blog when I’m not logged in.  How I appear to be posting less in Febuary (or at least on less days), and I have a tendency to not post on Sundays (probably trying to quickly do my homework).

I got a random search engine hit the other day for “clarine seymour abortion”  and I’m not quite sure what in this journal would bring someone who was searching for that.  Must have been The Dark Side report.

Highest views was 23 in one day, but I’m averaging out at 1 per day.  If that.  There have been a couple of days of no viewing. Whenever I post on my LJ that I updated I get more views.  Maybe I should promote this more.  Although then again, do I really want to?

This week I shall be posting more.  Probably a couple times a day.  I will be updating with book reviews, short story summaries, and more on the NCIS fic that I am currently working on.

I go where my muse goes.  I wish she would allow me to write something for Johnny/Frankie (I nearly lost my claim), or for one of the backlog of stories I owe


A thirty-something Graphic Designer and writer who likes to blog about books, movies and History.

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