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As yet untitled NCIS/SG-1 fic prologue


Author’s Notes:  This is a rough draft.  I plan on writing more into this.  Especially at the end.  Delve more into Nicholas, and in particular his relationship with Tony.  Katarina;s name may also change.  She’s dead (I’m trusting Gibbs and not Tony on this one, because the writers didn’t keep a correct way of wiether she was alive or not.)

Spoilers: All 10 seasons of SG-1, first 5 seasons of NCIS, particularly seasons 1-2.   Nothing heavily episode related, but NCIS and SG have things that are said in them that filter through out the whole show (like people teasing Tony about the Transsexual he made out with)

Basically, right now know that Vala and Cameron are at the SGC, as is Sam.  Sam & Jack are involved in a serious relationship.   Paul Davis has been promoted to Lt. Colonel and is currently helping Kate set up an investigative section of Homeworld Security.

Ziva and Tony are kinda together.  They aren’t holding each other to any sort of commitment and both are thinking of ending it, amicably.

Jenny did not die.  So ignore anything about the season 5 finale or later.  Kate did not die, but she hasn’t been working at NCIS since her attack (where she did die, but they were able to bring her back with the technology the SGC had available).

Umm….yeah, thats basically it I think.  If not I’ll revise this later on.  Proabably when this becomes a publishable –at-an-archive stage.



June, 2000
Long Island, New York
The home of Nicholas and Katarina DiNozzo.

Nicholas DiNozzo contemplated the men sitting in the chairs across from him. Parker was an older statesman, probably slightly before hitting middle aged. His younger partner seemed half the age, and was looking around nervously while Parker seemed relaxed. Norrington, he remembered. Recently graduated from Harvard Law. He would have to learn about acting composed from Parker if he expected to get anywhere.

They had come for financial support. Apparently they were a subgroup of governmental department, but the federal funding just wasn’t enough for what they planned to do. So they were seeking private investors from around the world, including Nicholas himself. They had sent him a packet of information about what he was going to be funding, and he had spent several days debating.

It was a risk. A huge risk. Nicholas tended to go for safer investments when investing this amount of money. His riskier investments were always smaller, but put in multiple places. If the investment strengthened, so did his involvement. But for some reason he felt like taking a risk. He didn’t know if it was his business sense kicking in or the argument he had with his son about carelessness versus being too careful.

“I am willing to be one of the investors in your project, Parker as long as some conditions are met.” Parker smiled, and Nicholas felt an urge to snort. He clearly thought he had already gotten his money. But Nicholas DiNozzo was not a wealthy man without reason. He had been carefully building his empire for forty-five years. He was not stupid either.

“Of course. What are your conditions?”

“I want a full report on how my investment is being handled. Everything up front. None of the secret books.”


“I also want a percentage of any returns you make on this project.” Parker’s smile outwardly didn’t change, but Nicholas could see the change in Parker’s opinon in his eyes. He had learned to read people back in the early days and it was a talent that had served him well over the years, excepting only his son, who probably knew just as well as to hide the markers as his father knew how to see them.

“Exactly how much of a percentage?”


“That is a hefty percentage. I’m not sure we can handle that condition and keep the project ongoing.” Nicholas almost rolled his eyes at the younger man. Clearly Norrington wasn’t listening.

“I said on returns. That would be after the project has a profit. It would be a quarter of the profit. If I am to understand the material correctly, I would be a major contributor. I believe I deserve some return on my investment.”

“Perhaps we can come to an agreement on a slightly smaller percentage but with other benefits to replace the loss,” Parker answered before his friend. “Let me discuss this with my fellow board members and we can get back to you, Mr. DiNozzo.”

“Certainly.” After he led the men to the door and was once again alone in his office, he wondered again if he was making the right decision about this. But then again, it was like his son said. There was a difference between being alive, and living. And Risk was a part of living.

He just hoped that his choice to invest in this “Trust” wouldn’t come back to bite him later.


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