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Possible Canon Story


There were a series of fanfics for the X-files that I really enjoyed that were from various characters as the series developed during the first two seasons and how the relationships got to be where they were.  And really that has nothing to do with my possible story except that it is a similar concept.

My idea was to a series of Kate fics, her thoughts as she spends her first year as an NCIS agent.  Starting with Yankee White.  It would take place in and between episodes, but it would pretty much stick to canon as far as things go.  Although I’m sure a tad bit of AU will be involved since I’m a shipper and you are bound to get at least Abby/McGee in this if not Tony/Kate.  It would be light, because it is season 1.  If I get Season 1 done, and it seems to go well, I’ll probably do Season 2, which will have more T/K. 

I’m not going to think about season 3 yet.  If I get through season 2, I’m going AU.  Because I can, and usually do.

But I think the first story will take place during Yankee White, while she’s lying there sick, and a little of it post episode.  Basically her thoughts on Tony, Ducky and Gibbs (Did she meet Abby?  Oh well, looks like another rewatch).

We shall see….


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