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School Stuff (week #2 reading PT 1)

I’m not really the short-story type when it comes to reading.  Just so you know.  But my teacher recommended that we write down summaries and notes on each of the stories so we would know later for tests without having to re-read, so that’s what I am doing right now.

Girl – Jamaica Kincaid

Basically a run down of what one should and shouldn’t do (because it may make them a slut).  One sentence.

The Lesson – Toni Cade Bambara

Miss Moore, a more educated woman, gathers up the local kids and tries to teach them things, although the children are reluctant to learn.  She takes them to a toy store in NYC that has a 1,000 sailboat, trying to teach them about money and how some people have more then others, and those who don’t should be trying to make sure they are getting their equal share.  The main character, Sylvia, gets the lesson, but doesn’t want to give Miss Moore the satisfaction of knowing that. 


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