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Heat Wave by Richard Castle

I got this book mainly because its a tie-in novel for castle, which is probably one of the most unique procedural.  And Nathan Fillion rocks.  But I digress.  This is about the book. 

Its about an NYPD detective named Nikki Heat, her two associates Raley and Ochoa, the ME Lauren and a reporter by the name of Jameson Rook (Which actually isn’t too bad of a name).  They investigate the murder of Real Estate CEO Matt Starr.

I liked it.  It had mystery, banter and a touch of romance.  There were certain things that I thought could have been better (I would have liked to have seen Rook’s POV sometimes). If you like the show, you’ll like the book because it reads like an episode.  You can figure out who is who in the book quite easily. 

I wouldn’t mind reading more of these.  Also, I want to know what Kate Beckett thinks of page 105.


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