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The 2010 Book-it

Remember when you were younger and the library had special summer reading (or during the school year sometimes) that if you read so many gooks, you’d get a gift card to Pizza Hut (or whatever)?  Well, my friends and I, seeing a similar non-organization based version of it, decided last year to have what we called ‘The Fellowship Book-it”.  The Fellowship is a nickname we gave our group after seeing LOTR.  Don’t ask.  Anyway, the point of the Book-it is to get back to reading.  And reading something that isn’t on the screen of one’s computer (Basically that news article on Britney Spears doesn’t count).   If you have a Kindle, or an ebook program, that’s different.

The Goal: 50 books during the year.  That is basically 1 book per week, with two weeks off.

Time Frame:  January 1st – December 31st.

The Rules (of the fellowship version, its not exactly a standard):

– This is not a competition, its a goal line

– The story you read must be able to be found by itself somewhere.  So a packet of short stories doesn’t count as five books.  You can count it as one book (But point it out that its a group)  If its an exceptionally long short story, an exception might be made (like the 28 page excerpt of St. Augustine I read last year.  I counted that by itself)

– Text books count if there is reading involved.  Math books do not count, there are more numbers then words. 

– A book counts once.  If you read it twice in one year, it still only gets counted once

– You can count books you’ve read before, as long as you actually read it again and don’t count it twice in the same year. 

– If you start a book in 09, and finish it in ‘10, it can count.

Most people just keep a list of what they read.  We are using a facebook group thing to keep track of what is what, and when someone reaches 25 we *plan* to have a pizza party.  (we kinda forgot last year).  Some people write reviews as they go along, and that is what I’m going to try to do

So I’m off to read.  Expect my first review to come soon.  Also, I read alot of Fandom fiction (movie novelization, spin off books etc) so expect some fandom talk as well.

If anyone would like to do this and has questions, feel free to comment or email me.  Its just a fun thing to do.  There is also a movie and TV episode versions I’ve seen, and I;m doing the 100 movies in a year one.  Its my first year.  So far so good, except I keep rewatching movies:)


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2 thoughts on “The 2010 Book-it

    1. I’m just hoping this year I’ll actually make it to 50. Last year was 33. Which is better then the year before where I barely made it to 20.

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