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Lady of Shadows: An Introduction

Many of those who know me know that for the last few years (probably longer then that, honestly) I’ve been working on an original novel that takes the myth of Persephone and turns it into something a bit more Scifi-ish.

I’ve written different drafts of it for Nano over the years, scrapping quite a few.  The original novel was actually taking place in Ancient Greece.  Then I made it have no connection at all.  The current draft, which I wrote primarily for Nano 2014, is a midway tale.  In it, the Mythological characters are in fact humans, just another ‘breed’ if you will.  They live almost eternal lives and live in pocket spaces to co-exist among their less advanced and shorter lived counterparts.  Cronus (sometimes known as Saturn) has been evicted from the pocket worlds for essentially being an evil scientist and using regular humans in experiments.  The thought was that without his technology and laboratory, he wouldn’t be able to cause harm.  But he persevered, and has power within the regular spaces of Earth. Since then his adoptive children and one biological child, Zeus, led a rebellion of sorts trying to keep him from taking over the Earth with his corporation, Titan, Inc.

Its supposed to be a 3 book series, each one taking the story of a mythological female character.  Persephone being the first, followed by Isis who is searching for her husband, and lastly Hela whose story I haven’t yet developed in any real way.

Its been interesting doing the research on this story as the many elements tend to seem to shift as I continue to research.  Just when I think I’ve gotten the general myth down, I find another version.  And this goes for many of the main characters.

The main main character of course is Persephone.  The initial way we find her she has lost her memories of her life in the pocket worlds, including her fight against Cronus & his team of bad guys.  Oddly enough, Cronus is not at fault for this problem, at least not directly.  She believes she is an ordinary human in her mid thirties running her mother’s garden center and preservation gardens.

So she has to learn how to deal with the past she didn’t realize she had along with helping the others try and stop Cronus from his latest attempt at world domination:  Using GMO legislation and patenting to mess with the food supply and make the world dependent on Titan Inc for their food. (inspired by the current controversy over GMOs, and in particular Monsanto and its business practices )

Now one of my goals is to actually finish it, and I’m no doubt going to have one or more posts about brainstorming ideas.  Eventually I hope to get it published, but we will see what the end result will be, and if I actually am able to write the second two books of the trilogy.


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