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Upcoming Post Series

Here is a list of upcoming post series both for my reference and a heads up if any prove interesting to any of you who read this blog.

The Rewatch Series

So many moons ago I explained I was going to do a big rewatch of Star Trek.  Now I did do most of the series, but lost all my posts when Bubblews left the scene.  After talking with some of my friends I came to the conclusion that it wouldn’t work to start over or just pick up where I left off.  However I am going to do something similar with other shows.

The first one is going to be Gilmore Girls.  Originally I was going to do a big rewatch of the Stargate franchise, but  decided that since Gilmore Girls is relatively shorter (7 seasons rather then 17) and has some new material coming out soon it would be best to do it now. Also I can get my sister involved and thus have a rewatch buddy.  Its available on Netflix if you want to watch along, although I’ll be watching on DVD just because it will limit how many episodes I will watch in one setting and thus not give me an excuse to not do the other things I need to do.

I will probably be posting a few episodes a week.   The basic point of the posts will be reviewing the show on content, pop culture references and continuity.  Also alot of my meta on the characters.  I’ll be giving it an letter grade.  Also probably will include factiods about the episode’s production and/or guest stars.

The Fanfiction Terminology Series

This is another series lost to Bubblews.  It was basically a primer for those starting out in fanfiction to learn the basics of fandom writing.  I’ll will be recreating it, but I’ll probably make better posts on here then on Bubblews where the posts were only about 200 words long.

The Bubblews Reclamation Series.

Honestly its not called that.  Its not even a series, but It fit with the other headers so I made it so.  Basically, the point of this section is that I am going to redo some of my favorite posts that were lost to the ether when Bubblews fell down.  Topics include:

  • Ode to the Potato
  • Color Theory Series
  • Memory Boxes
  • Mythological Characters (as part of my LOS series)
  • Writing essays
  • An reprint of an open letter to writers of media.
  • Various other essays I happened to have saved


And of course there will be new and unique topics covered that I didn’t cover on bubblews.


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