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Bookit Review: Lie Down With Dogs

Title: Lie Down With Dogs
Author: Hailey Edwards
Publication date:  2015

My Grade: B

My Review:

This book, the third in the Black Dog series by Hailey Edwards, is the best so far.  The story actually seems complete, the minor plot arcs are finished and not left to wonder.  Characters are actually developed, and information about Thierry’s past and her family is given.

There is actually a mystery for Thierry to solve in this one.  She’s kidnapped again, but not till towards the end, and it happens because she’s investigating something, not because some prince decides he wants an advantage in the royal competition.

The one thing I keep noticing is that she keeps saying that Thierry isn’t her name, but everyone including her parents calls her that.  I can only guess in the next book we will learn it or it was a one-time plot plan that never panned out yet never was completely irradiated.

This book sets up the final book (which I am currently reading) quite nicely as well.


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