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Bookit Review: New Dog, Old Tricks

Title: New Dog, Old Tricks
Author: Hailey Edwards
Publication date:  2015

My Grade: B

My Review:

I enjoyed this book.  It finishes the over all arc, in interesting ways.  I still felt a little lost among the background information, but Its less noticable this way.  We finally meet the Morrigan in person, and I can’t help but imagine Katie McGrath as the actress for the role should they ever make this into movies.

We get a little more backstory on Mac, Theirry’s father, and have Theirry coming to terms with both her family and her love for Shaw.  Mai and Shaw take a backseat for awhile.  This book is primarily Theirry in Faerie, so most of her Earth friends are not in it much.

There are more spin off novellas & Novels. I’m not reading the new series staring Gemini, at least now now.  I did read Mai’s spin off novella Stone Cold Fox, which will be the next book.

What I do love about this book is how the end result comes to be.  I won’t spoil it, but it was an inventive way to end things.


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