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This Day In History

I looked up what important things happened today in history (other then it being my cousin’s birthday) and some pretty interesting things came up on the Google Search.  I took most of this information from and the New York Times “On This Day” feature.


On February 4, 1789  George Washington was unanimously elected by the electoral College.  He’s the only president to do so.

Also, on this day 6 years earlier Britain formally acknowledged they were done with the Revolutionary War.

Confederate Congress

In 1861, The Confederate Congress (a provisional one anyway) opened for business, thus starting


Snow White

One of Disney’s most known films (probably because its one of the firsts) is released on this day in 1938

Yalta Conference

(1945)Basically this is the photo op picture we always see when talking about the end of WWII and they show us that picture of Roosevelt, Churchill and Stalin sitting out on the Lawn as if they are talking about the latest football game rather then what to do in the last months of the war.  It did however start to show that the Alliance was not as strong as it could have been, and the cracks that caused the ‘Cold War’ formed.


Yasir Arafat helps found the Palestine Liberation Organization in 1969.

Patty Hearst

I don’t really know much about what happened here, but Patty Hearst may be one of the most famous kidnapped women in American history.  Today’s the anniversary of her kidnapping in 1974, so 41 years ago.  She eventually served a prison sentence for her involvement with the Symbionese LIberation Army’s activities.  She was pardoned in 2001 by President Clinton.


Its no more as of February 4, 2003.  Its now several different countries.

For more events, try this page.


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