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Bookit Review: Stone Cold Fox

Title: Stone Cold Fox
Author: Hailey Edwards
Publication date:  2015

My Grade: B

My Review:

This short novel, or novella, is an adventure for Mai, Thierry’s best friend from The Black Dog series.  It starts off with Mai attending a fandom convention in Texas dressed up as Jareth from her favorite movie Labyrinth.   She is kidnapped by her childhood best friend and his brother, who want her to remember things that happened when she was younger, but she can’t.  She’s forced to re-evaluate her memories, and how much trust she puts in her friends, and her family.

Although it seemed almost too easy of a solution in the end, I did find this an enjoyable quick read.  I could definitely go for some more Kitsune books.

Hailey Edwards is going on my list for authors I am pre-disposed to read when new books come out.


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