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Mary Queen of Scots & Reign

So I’ve been reading those “Today in HIstory” pages again, and one of the events of today was the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots.  Which reminded me of Reign.

For those of you unaware, Reign is a CW teenish drama about the Queen’s life.  It’s not historically accurate, so I call it history crack.  It’s sometimes fun to watch just to see how they deal with the real history in there their attempts to make a period drama fit for their intended audience of young adults.  It doesn’t always go successfully.

One of the major historical issues was that they aged everyone up.  Mary is 16 at the time of the show’s opener, brought to France to marry Prince Francis, the Dauphin of France.  Now that she marries the Prince is accurate, but they were much younger in real life.

Also Frances on the show has a older half-brother named Sebastian.  He’s not a real person, at least not that anyone is aware of.  His parents are real, but he isn’t.  The real life Equivalent of Bash’s mother had only daughters with the King.

The real reason to watch this show is Meghan Fellows.  She plays Catherine de Medici, the Queen of France.  She spends the first season trying to get rid of Mary, who she suspects will be the death of her son, and then the second season working with Mary to prevent the death of her son.  (historically, her son dies early as King, and is succeeded by another one of her sons.  Which I think she actually outlives as well.)

This show is still on the air, although it seems to have finally dealt with the big major plot issue, and that was the fact that alot of these characters died early deaths.

So if you don’t mind historical inaccuracy, but love costume design, Meghan Fellows, and soapish dramas, you should watch this show.


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