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Bookit Review: The Tower and The Hive

Title: The Tower & The Hive
Author: Anne McCaffrey
Publication date: 2000

My Grade: B-

My Review:

For the most part I enjoy this book.  It completes the ongoing Hiver story with an interesting ending, although it takes awhile to get to it, and makes you wonder why they weren’t doing stuff like that a book or two ago.  It also brings forth a few forgotten arcs (like the xenophobic T-2 who threatened Laria back a book or two) and has some new ones (The MrDini, now not having such a high death rate is having a population problem).

There were only two problems I really had with this book.  The first one was simply the version I got.  I decided to purchase the ebook (I already own the hardback version at home, but I needed something that could travel with me and not be too heavy) and the formatting left a lot to be desired.

Usually the telepathic conversations were held in Italics.  However, there was a frequency where the words weren’t italicized or the italics ran into non-telepathic speech.  Which can make it confusing to figure out whats going on.

There were words that were smashedtogether <– like that is.  It really could have used a formatting editor to get rid of the mistakes.

My second problem is more to do with the book.  I mentioned this before when I reviewed Lyon’s Pride.  Kincaid Dano is a homosexual man.  The story makes sure to point that out often. Yet,in this last book he starts a sexual relationship with Laria, one which he seems to enjoy to his surprise.  What bothers me about this isn’t that Kincaid turned out to be bisexual.  I could have handled that, it could have made sense.  But it doesn’t read like that.  It reads like Kincaid is still a gay man, but Laria is his one exception (which again, is being bisexual with a stronger preference for men, it exists).  It also reads almost as if McCaffrey was of the opinion that people who are gay just need to find the right partner to be straight.

I think if she hadn’t made such a pointed deal about the fact that Kincaid was a homosexual (or make him the only one in the whole series that I can tell) it wouldn’t come off as badly as it did.


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