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Writing Exercise #3

Today I am going to write ten minutes with a opening sentence already choosen for me.

Here Goes:

It was odd how loud silence could be.

It was like time had slowed down. She could hear nothing, yet it sounded like she was hearing every noise known to man.  She could feel pain up her left side, and dust mixed in the cuts across her bare shins.

She tried to move herself out from under the desk, trying to see if she could see anyone, wincing as the pain sharped in her one leg.  She was almost certain she had twisted her ankle trying to get under the desk as debris started to fall down around her.  Plaster from the ceiling was all over the floor, whitening the carpet.  None of the cubicle walls still stood. The lights were no longer shining, and she could feel some breeze coming from the left of the room where windows no longer stood.

She lowered herself back to the ground, unsure of what to do.  They always told you how to prepare for earthquakes and situations like these.  Get under a desk.  Get to a room without windows.  They never explained what to do after the disaster hit and you were wondering what to do under that desk or in that windowless room.

She picked up a piece of ceiling tile and tossed it away from her, not even hearing the sound of it hitting against the metal arm rest of her now destroyed office chair.  So she could ascertain three things.  One, she had probably injured her ankle and/or leg.  Two, she had lost her sense of hearing.  Hopefully only temporarily.  Three, she had lacerations across her body from flying plaster and glass.  Most seemed to be shallow but she longed for a wet cloth to clean the dust out and make sure no pieces were left in the skin.

Out of the corner of her eye she noticed things moving and she peered out to find out what was moving.  Soon legs came into her vision.  Unable to hear their responces she banged on the bottom of her desk to alert them she was there.

She managed to catch their attention and two of her co-workers, themselves banged up and already bruising soon helped her to her feet.  Apparently they had been searching out survivors and moving them to the center conference room which had somehow managed to survive in one piece, even though glass had to be swept to the side from the surrounding glass.

She cried in relief hours later when a paramedic gave her a cup of water and she heard him ask her if she needed anything else.



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