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Bookit Review: Persuaded

Title: Persuaded
Author:Misty Dawn Pulsipher
Publication date: 2014

My Grade: B

My Review:

This is another Modern Austen tale, this time the story of Persuasion updated.  As an version of the story it leaves a little to be desired but as a novel itself its not a bad read.  The story follows Hanna Elliot and Derick Wentworth as they find their way back to one another.

I’m a little tougher on Persuasion adaptations because Persuasion is my favorite of Jane Austen’s Novels. I also feel its probably the easiest to adapt, since the story at heart is a story about family and second chances at love.  This story does have that, but the characters that they include don’t exactly match up enough to their originals.  Most of the time its minor, and thus not worth commenting on, but Lady Russell, whose now Maude Russell, isn’t like her Regency counterpart at all.  And its hard to see Admiral Croft (now Adam Croft) using “dude” as much as he does.

Mary Elliot-Musgrove is the same, although they give her more of a reason to be the way she is, instead of just making her hysterical.  I do like this change.  I’m sure Ella is supposed to be Louisa, but it seems like half the story is missing without Henrietta there.  Benwick’s update makes him Benny Croft, Adam’s younger brother who is still mourning the death of his fiancee who died in a car accident.

As a novel on its own merits, its a fun story.  I enjoyed it, and I think people will enjoy it too.  The characters within the story are consistent and while Derek’s past is a little hard to navigate towards the end most of the backstory is relevant and is not dropped if its important.

In fact most of the problems I had with this story was built up expectations brought on by expecting a full on Persuasion adaptation.  I also thought Ella & Benny’s story towards the end was a little weird, but then it was never normal in the original either.


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