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Bookit Review: Changing Lanes

Title: Changing Lanes
Author:  Kathleen Long
Publication date: 2013

My Grade: A

My Review:

This book is a feel good novel.  There isn’t much angst, at least not the overly dramatic kind.  The summary suggests that there would be but there isn’t.  Its mainly the journey of one woman who finds out that her life isn’t going the way she wanted to go, and learns to fix that.

It has memorable minor characters, and I could picture this all happening in my mind. It was easy to relate to the main character, and although there was romance in the background it didn’t take over the whole story.  It was very much about a family supporting each other, and learning to be able to go for their own dreams.

Some things seemed a little too easy, which is my only criticism.   But at the end of the book you feel good, and feel things ended the way they should.

The only thing I think I would have changed was have more Lily in it.  She seems like almost an afterthought at times even though she is a big part of the ending chapters.



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