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Bookit Review: John Adams

Title: John Adams: The Man From Massachusetts
Author: Sam Goodyear
Publication date: 2014

My Grade: …

My Review:

To be honest, I am not sure how to review this novel.  However, I told myself I’d review each book I read this year, even the previously reads, so here is a review.  I got this book as part of my goal to read a biography on each of the presidents so I can retain some knowledge of what they did other than be President.  I’ve been getting them through Kindle Unlimited which so far has given me odd results.

The George Washington biography I last year was an odd biography, clearly meant for textbook format or discussion.  But it was informative. This one however was a short story, done in Adam’s point of view.  It was short, and at the end of the time spent reading I sat there wondering what I had just read.  It’s not a bio, its a short story so I will just say don’t pick this up if you are expecting to learn something.  It might be a good book to start younger kids on however.

I didn’t give it a grade mostly because it was so far from my expectations that I felt I couldn’t adequately judge this book.  I am also going to search out another biography to satisfy my Adams bio.


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