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Bookit Review: Cassandra

Title: Cassandra
Author: Jann Rowland
Publication date: 2015

My Grade: B-

My Review:

I enjoyed this book, but also was disappointed in some areas.  The concept of the book – What if Darcy and Elizabeth had met later – is an interesting one.  I’m always a fan of fan novels that flesh out the minor characters, in this case Georgiana, Colonel Fitzwilliam and his family, and Mr. Hurst.   It makes you wish you had seen more of them in the original.

However I was disappointed in a few things.  Mainly how harsh the author portrays Caroline Bingley.  While clearly a social climber in the original novel, I was always under the impression that she knew when to withdrawal. In this book she doesn’t know this, and often does things that would be considered rude in any situation.  It almost seems like an exaggeration to add drama where there didn’t need to be.

I also found it odd how little a part Cassandra, after which the book was named, actually plays in the book.

Despite that, I enjoyed the book and can recommend it as a Pride & Prejudice variation.


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