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Movie Review: Captain America: Civil War


So last night I went with my friends to see Captian America.  Which, I will admit, was good.  But I’m still going to give it a B.  Unlike some other films in the Marvel line, it didn’t have me leaving with “That was AWESOME” type of feeling, and I was expecting that.

The problem I think is that there was too many characters with hinted at side plots that didn’t really end up anywhere.  It was a film of cameos.  Most of which you see in the trailer.  There were some elements of Cap’s story arc I kind of felt like I missed an episode, and maybe I did since I don’t watch Agents of Shield (though I want to) or Agent Carter (again, want to).

This felt more like an avengers type movie with a bad guy you don’t really understand.  Which on one hand is interesting.  You know he’s the bad guy, bur you don’t really understand why till the end.  Its more soft then the previous Villians tended to be.

This movie also made me want to go and write an essay on how Phase Two of the MCU is basically Tony’s downspiral into PTSD and depression.

So while it was good, and I enjoyed it, I felt the story was a little awkward in places and some characters could have had their side plots taken out with no detraction from the main story.   It gave us a look into Winter Soldier’s past, but I’m not sure how well it fits in with what was previously shown (particularly about how the activate/deactivate Bucky).



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