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Movie Review: Lady Jane (1986)

So I got netflix in the mail (Yes, I still use the DVD service) and it happened to be a movie with Helena Bonham Carter and Cary Elwes in it.  Always a good reason to watch a movie.  As I watched I also recognised a few actors I liked, although some I still refer to as their character from whatever I saw them in before.  Patrick Stewart was a surprise, playing Lord Grey,  Jane’s father.

From what I read on Wiki (doing a quick check of facts, nothing too indepth) the movie is an overly romanticsed story.  Jane may be the closest to her actual person, but Guilford is changed to be more the sweeping romantic hero.

As you can guess from a cast that has the three actors I mentioned, the acting was good.  The settings were also good, and so were most of the costumes (although some of Jane’s early costumes were not appealing on her, but alas that happens to us all).  Its just that the actual script is not so good.

For example, their idea of a intro conversation to a love scene is to talk about the differences in Prostantism and Catholicism.  Kind of a weird topic to inspire kissing.

And there is this scene where these two are going around making wishes, about how they want things to be better for the poor and the hungry and breaking their dishes to confirm the wish was sent.  I spent most of the time going “Don’t do that, someone’s going to end up bleeding and your servants are going to have to clean all that up and then what will you have to drink out of?”

While the two leads try to make it work and do seem to have some chemistry the awkwardness of the script and the real life storyline seem to fight them the entire way and it just seems…awkward.

So my final grade is a B-.  I managed to sit through it without pausing it it too much, and I didn’t even start to skip scenes till nearly the end. It just had too many awkward scenes.  Also I have found I can do without the word popary.


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