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Bookit Review: While You Were Mine

Title:  While You Were Mine
Author: Anne Howard Creel
Publication date: April 1,2016

My Grade: B-

My Review:

This book is a sweet historical romance.  It takes place during the day following World War II in New York City.   The main character is Gwen, the nurse in the infamous Life magazine image.  She is raising the daughter of her former roommate who has abandoned her daughter. As the book begins she returns home to find the child’s father waiting to be reunited with his daughter and wife.

The book deals with post traumatic stress disorder ( though it is called shell shock), different types of relations including three mothers who take different paths with how they deal with it.

It’s a good book for a lazy afternoon, although I think sometimes the author spends too much time describing Mary’s baby clothes when it could be moving the plot line forward.  Also it has a weird pov situation, with most chapters in Gwen’s first person PvP with three or so chapters in third person focused chapters for John. 

My final grade is a B-.   Good for a lazy read but could be better.


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