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Star Wars Aniversery

Today is the 39th aniversery of Star Wars’ first theaterical debut in 1977.  Since I wrote a post about Stargate a few posts ago, I figured I’d spare a post for another favorite franchise of mine, Star Wars.

I was a late-in-life Star Wars fan.  (My father holds true to the idea that Star Wars is Lame, one should only watch the Original series of Star Trek).  In sixth grade I started watching Return of the Jedi, and was mostly confused.  Which can happen when one watches the last 30 minutes of the third movie in a triology.

Anyway, I decided at that point to go to the video store (because they were still around), and rent the four Star Wars movies that were out at that point.  I watched them in chronological order of story, not release, so the first SW movie I watched in full was The Phantom Menance.  I think this altered how I veiewed Star Wars movies.

Many of my friends are of the opinon that the prequels suck, and only the originals are any good (although they have favorable feelings about 7, but I haven’t seen that so no opinon there).  Unlike them, I’m more neutral to favorable on the prequels.  Most of the issues I saw was George Lucas tried to retconn things he had wanted to change from the original trilogy.  Even as a fan of the prequels there were some moments where I wanted to ask him what he was doing.  (Namely the Owen Lars situation.  My friends have heard me rant about this.)

Still, the prequels weren’t as bad as I think popular culture likes to protray them as.  They still continued to break box office amounts, and people still watch them.

Now I just have to watch Episode 7, so I can call my watching complete.  Well, until Episode 8 comes out.


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