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Writing Exercise #4

Prompt:  Licking things to claim them as your own.

This is really stupid, but since I set out to post it, I’m still going to post it.

It had started with a muffin.  They had been at a coffee shop, going over paperwork for work when he had tried to steal her muffin and in a desperate attempt to keep her muffin for herself she licked it to dissuade him.

(The fact that it hadn’t probably should have alerted them to the fact that their relationship had no understanding of boundaries.)

From there it started to become a war.  Each of them in turn licking things to lay claim.  Not that it ever truly worked, but some of the items got somewhat strange.  When it came down to him licking a doorknob, she had ended up on the floor with breathing issues because just how far were they going to take this.

There were some things off limits, obviously.  Anything that had warnings about not putting in your eyes and or mouth were avoided.  Neither wanted to claim death after all.  However all food and non-poisonous/potentially harmful non-food items were up for grabs.

That being said, she was very surprised when one day he walked up to her and licked her cheek. She gave him a weird look, but things started to make sense as he grinned and held out his hand, a ring  in his hand.



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