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In Memory: Anton Yelchin


I actually had a different post written here when I first heard the news yesterday abut Anton dying in a car accident.  There wasn’t much to add to it, but I decided it would be better to rewrite it all.

Anton Yelchin is an actor best known for his recent role as Pavel Chekov, in the reboot series of Star Trek.  He also has been in several smaller movies. I have seen only a few but enjoyed his acting in what I did see. Charlie Bartlet was an odd movie but I liked him in it.

He was only 27 years old, so unlike some of the other tributes I’ve done this year (and I’ve done more then I expected only 6 months into the year)  There is not alot to say.  He died just when his career was getting more recognition.

Thank you Anton for what you have provided for us as entertainment.  Star Trek won’t be the same without you.

I will end this with a link to a wonderful bit of fanart done in tribute to Anton



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