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In Memoriam: Elizabeth Windsor, Queen.

Today we learned that an era has ended and a new one has begun. Queen Elizabeth II died today in Scotland ending a 70 year reign and a life of service longer then that.

In the future I plan on giving Elizabeth her own post as a Women of History, but for now I want express my condolences to her family and to the many countries that consider her their figurehead.

As an American it’s hard to understand having a leader for that long. The closest we got was Franklin Delano Roosevelt, whom she must have met when she was a young girl. He was only president for 13 years. Elizabeth has ruled long enough that most people were not old enough to remember a time when she wasn’t Queen. She was a year older then my Grandmother who died earlier this year. My parents were both born after she was Queen. With my neices and nephews that’s 3 generations during her reign.

No matter if you are a monarchist or an antimonarchist ( I know both) I’m sure this coming week will be weird adjusting to a new normal of talking about her in past tense and all the changes that take place when a new monarch is on the throne. She left a large shadow.



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In memoriam: Carrie Fisher

Carrie Fisher
Source: wikipedia

I kept hoping for better news this week, but today Billie Lourd, Carrie Fisher’s daughter confirmed her mother had passed away after a heart attack on Friday.  

Carrie has been a big part of my childhood as Princess Leia, and she always impressed me with her ability to use humor to deal with things others would let bog them down.  She had issues, but made sure to use her platform as a media spotlighted person to bring awareness so others could be helped. 

Carrie grew up in the spotlight, the daughter of actors Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher.  But it didn’t really put her to the forefront till she became Princess Leia at 21. It is that role she will probably be the most remembered for.  She played the role for 40 years. She also was in the movie When Harry met Sally as Sally’s best friend who finally finds love with Harry’s best friend. 

She wrote many autobiographical books as well as pushed for awareness of mental illness.

Farwell, Princess.  Thank you for the years of laughter, and activism and the movies that will live on. My thoughts go out to your family and friends.

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In Memory: Anton Yelchin


I actually had a different post written here when I first heard the news yesterday abut Anton dying in a car accident.  There wasn’t much to add to it, but I decided it would be better to rewrite it all.

Anton Yelchin is an actor best known for his recent role as Pavel Chekov, in the reboot series of Star Trek.  He also has been in several smaller movies. I have seen only a few but enjoyed his acting in what I did see. Charlie Bartlet was an odd movie but I liked him in it.

He was only 27 years old, so unlike some of the other tributes I’ve done this year (and I’ve done more then I expected only 6 months into the year)  There is not alot to say.  He died just when his career was getting more recognition.

Thank you Anton for what you have provided for us as entertainment.  Star Trek won’t be the same without you.

I will end this with a link to a wonderful bit of fanart done in tribute to Anton


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Alan Rickman 1946-2016

I didn’t think I’d be writing two memorial posts in a single week.  Or that I would loose two parts of my childhood at the same age, from the same thing.  Alan Rickman passed away this morning at the age of 69 from cancer.

As with David Bowie, I grew up with Alan Rickman in films.  I remember my sister’s favorite film for awhile was Robin Hood: Price of Thieves  where Rickman played Nottingham and threatened to use a spoon on a Robin because it was dull and thus would hurt more

One of my favorite adaptations of Jane Austen had him as Colonel Brandon, an older man who falls in love with Marianne.

Coming out of High School there was Dr. Lazarus, from Galaxy Quest, Harry from Love Actually,  and Marvin the depressed Robot from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

For many of my friends who liked Kevin Smith Films, he was also Megatron, the voice of God from Dogma.

However, I think for a entire generation he will always be Professor Snape. While over the years my love of Snape had decreased due to realising how much of creep he really was, Alan Rickman had me loving the morally grey character.

Also apparently he was the bad guy in Die Hard, but I’ve never watched Die Hard so I can’t really say anything about it.  But now I have a reason to watch it.

2016 is taking a lot of legends in their field.   Rest in Peace, Mr. Rickman.  Thank you for your decades of Entertainment.  You will be missed.