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Nano Update – Week One

Well, I wish I could stand here and say I’m doing completely on top of things and am actually ahead of the game but that would be a lie.  Various issues, including a cold that just won’t leave me alone, have caused me to have some lucklaster writing days.  In fact despite planning 2k a day, I’m only at 6,350.  To compare, the original goal had me being at 12,000 going into today.  So I’m basically doing half as well as I was trying to push myself to do.

One of my issues, as I mentioned before, is that I caught a cold/allergy attack that doesn’t seem to want to leave me, yet gives me a different problem as it solves one problem.  Today’s issue is major coughing that just doesn’t put me in a writing mood.  However I’m going to try and push through it because if I want to get back on track, I need to write about 2,565 words a day for a week or so.

Another problem is getting my writing around my life. Since I live with others, there is no real way to lock myself away in some room and just write whenever I get inspiration.  Plus I work, and my job is not convienent for writing . I’m sure other writers have these same problems.

The good news is I got caught up with my prompts.  Now I just have to work on finishing the longer fics that are still in the Work-In-Progress File.

This is all in hope that by Novemeber, I can focus on an original story, or a brand new fanfic that isn’t something that I’ve got half finished.

How are others doing this month with Nano?


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