NanoWrimo: Week One Update

Its that time of year again when I join in with a community of writers for National Novel Writing Month or NanoWrimo or as we usually just shorten it to: Nano.

Nano is a month long event where writers from around the country partispate in an personal effort to write a 50,000 word novella in a month.  I’ve partispated for the most part for the last decade or so.  I don’t always manage to write 50,000 words – life does dedicate some of that – but its fine enough to try.

Not everyone writes the same thing, or gets involved in the same way.  Some people write original fiction, some write fanfic.  Some write a series of short stories, while others write actual novel-length stories. The only goal is to get 50k worth of words, and to get people writing.  Nano also has forums to get involved with, and often local team leaders who develop events where you can go and meet local Nano-ers.

They also have a donation run to create libraries and provide books for those who don’t have access to them.

This year I am working on several stories, trying to get some of my work in progress list done.  I’ve got about 18 there now, and I’m sure that isn’t a complete list.  (I need to review that one of these days).

Alright its been one week (completely, its now 12Am, so HAPPY ELECTION DAY PLEASE VOTE *AHEM*)  My personal results are as follows:

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Nano Update – Week One

Well, I wish I could stand here and say I’m doing completely on top of things and am actually ahead of the game but that would be a lie.  Various issues, including a cold that just won’t leave me alone, have caused me to have some lucklaster writing days.  In fact despite planning 2k a day, I’m only at 6,350.  To compare, the original goal had me being at 12,000 going into today.  So I’m basically doing half as well as I was trying to push myself to do.

One of my issues, as I mentioned before, is that I caught a cold/allergy attack that doesn’t seem to want to leave me, yet gives me a different problem as it solves one problem.  Today’s issue is major coughing that just doesn’t put me in a writing mood.  However I’m going to try and push through it because if I want to get back on track, I need to write about 2,565 words a day for a week or so.

Another problem is getting my writing around my life. Since I live with others, there is no real way to lock myself away in some room and just write whenever I get inspiration.  Plus I work, and my job is not convienent for writing . I’m sure other writers have these same problems.

The good news is I got caught up with my prompts.  Now I just have to work on finishing the longer fics that are still in the Work-In-Progress File.

This is all in hope that by Novemeber, I can focus on an original story, or a brand new fanfic that isn’t something that I’ve got half finished.

How are others doing this month with Nano?

Writing Update

I realised I haven’t talked about my writing lately, so thought an update was in order.  For the last month or so I haven’t had alot of time to write, and when I did get the time, I didn’t seem to be able to write anything that I was happy with.  So nothing really has gotten finished, although I have added greatly to my plot bunny file.

Hopefully this will all change next month.  One of my many goals for July is to be better at time management, and knowing my limits so that when I do need to do something I’m not exhausted by it.  So no more staying up till 2 in the morning because “Just one more chapter”, or trying to get too much done in one day that I feel out of sorts for the next few days.

Hopefully this will include dedicated writing time outside of sprints, and a sucessful Camp Nano.  I completed a 30k word CampNano in April, so I’m going to try for a full Nano this camp, so 50,000.  Like before, my goal is to catch up with drabble prompts I owe, as well as finish some ongoing fanfics that should have been finished eons ago. Starting in August, I plan on doing some serious editing and planning so I can finish my Peresphone original novel and perhaps start its sequel, Isis.

Right now I’m off to a nightly sprint I do with a few friends and trying to write a couple drabble prompts within the 30 minutes.  Its an interesting challenge for those of you who like writing.  Just set aside a set amount of time (some people like to start with 10 minutes and work their way up) and try to just write (no editing, no distractions) for that amount of time.  Its not always possible, especially when you live with other people who need your attention for some reason or another, or like right now when you have a cat who wonders why you aren’t paying attention to them.  (Max is staring at me sorrowfully as he bemoans the lack of attention).