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NanoWrimo: Week One Update

Its that time of year again when I join in with a community of writers for National Novel Writing Month or NanoWrimo or as we usually just shorten it to: Nano.

Nano is a month long event where writers from around the country partispate in an personal effort to write a 50,000 word novella in a month.  I’ve partispated for the most part for the last decade or so.  I don’t always manage to write 50,000 words – life does dedicate some of that – but its fine enough to try.

Not everyone writes the same thing, or gets involved in the same way.  Some people write original fiction, some write fanfic.  Some write a series of short stories, while others write actual novel-length stories. The only goal is to get 50k worth of words, and to get people writing.  Nano also has forums to get involved with, and often local team leaders who develop events where you can go and meet local Nano-ers.

They also have a donation run to create libraries and provide books for those who don’t have access to them.

This year I am working on several stories, trying to get some of my work in progress list done.  I’ve got about 18 there now, and I’m sure that isn’t a complete list.  (I need to review that one of these days).

Alright its been one week (completely, its now 12Am, so HAPPY ELECTION DAY PLEASE VOTE *AHEM*)  My personal results are as follows:

Screenshot of My Nano Stats

My goal was to write 2k a day, to allow me to get to 50K by the 25th writing day, thus giving me five days during the month were I can say I’m not feeling it, or reboot etc.  Or Thanksgiving which I will be too busy stuffing my face with pumpkin flavored items to write.  I tended to write about 2,300 on average, with one day when I took the night off due to needing to recharge.  Today I managed to write 5,182 words to get ahead again.  If I went by my goal, it was to have 14k tonight, so I’m a little over 3,000 words above where I wanted to be.  Which is good.  Technically that adds another day I don’t have to write.

I actually got a few scenes jotted down for my original story “The Wing” (Better Title to come) which is a supernatural type story that isn’t supernatural.  Basically the main character finds out her grandmother has been running a care center for humans with conditions that make them out to be supernatual in some form (Vampires for example have a blood disorder).  Hopefully its not completely horrible.

I did catch up with some of my prompts, so there is that although I am still massively behind.

I’m also behind on book reviews and finishing that series on the constitution.



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