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Bookit Review: Ella’s Twisted Senior Year

Title: Ella’s Twisted Senior Year
Author: Amy Sparling
Published May 31, 2016 (Kindle Unlimited Edition)
Grade: C

I was a bit disappointed in this novel, to be honest.  While it wasn’t a horrible read, and seems good for younger readers who like romance (no sex scenes, and it is about 16 year olds), It didn’t really stand up to my expectations.

Given the title, I thought the focus would be on Ella.  Ella at the start of the book has just lost her home and pretty much all of her belongings (bar those on her person,in her car, and a few things they find in the rubble) due to a tornado.  I expected a good portion of the book to be her dealing with her emotions about that, about how that effects her schooling and her plans.  However, while it is somewhat touched, most of the story goes to two other plot points.  You also expect the main plot to be Ethan and Ella realising their feelings for one another and their changing relationship, but that is more B plot (C plot being the Tornado).  No, the main plot seems to be Ella’s fight with Ethan’s ex-girlfriend who has become a cyber bully due to Ethan breaking up with her right before prom.

Way too much of this story revolves around two girls fighting over a guy.  And the end when the one girl aplogisizes seems out of the blue, and I don’t like the premise that alot of teenage girls crack under the pressure of not having a prom date and become bullies.



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