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Bookit Review: Cinder & Ella

Title:  Cinder & Ella /  Say Car for Me:  Bonus Brian POV scene (C&E 1.5)
Author: Kelly Oram
Publication Date:  Cinder & Ella:  October 1, 2014 (Kindle Unlimited Version)  Bonus Scene: Kelly Oram website, 2016)
Grade: B-

As is the case with many of the books I’ve been getting off Kindle Unlimited they aren’t the best books.  They won’t be put on my re-readable shelf.  I may persue sequels, as I am doing with this one, but not strongly.

Cinder & Ella as you can imagine was inspired by Cinderella. The book gets credit for making an interesting reason why things end up in the arc that does follow the traditional cinderella story.   Its the other parts where it goes off the rails.

Ella, the main character, is a 19 year old girl who was in a car accident and has severe burns that left scaring over her body.  She is somehow declared incompetent and forced to live with the father that abandoned her when she was a child.  Her step-mom and siblings are traditionally insensitive and in some cases outright cruel.

The “Prince” in this story is the titular “Cinder” who is in fact actor Brian Oliver.  The two of them haven’t met, haven’t even given their real names and have fallen for each other.  Brian is currently starring in the movie adaption to their favorite book (where their nicknames come from, although hers has the benefit of being her real name).

The issues with this book is that none of the characters feel particularly sympathetic.  Some are outright caricatures of stereotypes.  The story keeps you reading long enough but I can’t say I stuck around for any of the characters.  I’m hoping that the full length sequel that is coming out soon will improve on that, give characters depth.

The Author did recently publish a reverse POV of a pivotal scene as a anniversary celebration for the two year anniversary of the book’s original publication.  It doesn’t really make me like any of the characters more.  Brian and Kaylee don’t look too good in it, honestly.

I am tenatively giving the full length sequel a chance when it comes out, and the Author as well.  Hopefully they will both improve my expectations.




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