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TV Review: The Orville 1×08

Episode Title: Into the Fold (1×08)

Airdate: November 2

Notable Guest Stars

Brian Thompson as Drogon, the creepy bunker guy.  He is an Star Trek Alum, playing Admiral Valdore in Season 4’s big arcs.

Brannon Braga – Director/Writer.  Was a director and producer on various Star Trek shows.

So in this episode we get some more information about Claire.  She has two sons, Marcus and Ty and raises them herself.  She is set to go on vacation with them at the start of this episode.  However a last minute switch leaves her with Issac as a pilot.   Naturally she is a bit aphrehensive about traveling with Issac, while Issac is excited – if he can be excited- about observing Human familal interaction.

They end up going through a spacial fold and ending up far from where they were supposed to be and crash landing on a planet full of cannabals and one dude with a bunker.

This episode is more about interpersonal dynamics then really giving us a story about a planet.  Its hard for me to really put any description in here due to the fact that its not really got much to say except Issac ends up unintentionally as babysitter while Claire Finn fights her way out of a creepy bunker.

Notable Quotes:

Claire Finn: Welcome to the family


True to life family dynamics.

Alternative families other then the traditional one

An episode that did not try to push Kelly/Ed as a couple.


This episode actually didn’t have anything that stood out to me.  No one should hire Issac as a babysitter though. He needs a bit more human training before that happens. Nor Gordon.  Unless you want your kids calling stuff weird things that might be awkward in public.

Ok, Maybe one.  I agree with Marcus that the use of Claire’s voice was a bit creepy.

Final Grade: A


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