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Tv Review: The Orville 1×09

Episode Title: Cupid’s Dagger (1×09)

Original Airdate:  November 9, 2017 (Watched via Hulu on 11/10/17)

Notable Guest Stars:

Victor Garbo –  He’s back as Admiral Halesy.
Rob Lowe  (Darulio) – Rob Lowe is known for being part of the ‘brat pack’ of the 80s, and for me as Sam Seaborn from The West Wing.  He is also known for Parks & Recreation and lately he has been working on a ghost hunting show with his two sons.

One of the things I enjoy about this show is how relaxed it feels.  These people aren’t just on the clock all the time.  This episode starts with the crew doing Karaoke night.  It gets rudely interrupted by work however, when Admiral Halesy contacts them with a mission.  Two planets on the border of Union space have a dispute over a planet and they have come across an artifact that might settle the dispute.  The Orville is asked to host the testing of the artifact as well as hold informal peace talks to hopefully settle this.

Problem #1 – The Archeologist in charge of the testing is Darulio, Kelly’s lover from the first episode.  I’m not entirely sure that Rob Lowe played him in that episode though.

Problem #2 everyone is acting weird

So basically Darulio is the cause of all the problems in this episode.   While the episode wasn’t horrible, I was a bit uncomfortable with the mixed signals it gave regarding consent.  There were quite a few things I guessed early on that came to be.

Notable Quotes:

Halesy:  I’m sorry to interrupt you in your off-work hours

Kelly: No, your timing was perfect.


Many parts of this episode were funny

Alara is on top of things, and Gordan actually is the voice of sense.

mentions of events in previous episodes


There is alot of consent issues here.

Final Grade: B-


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