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TV Review: The Orville 1×10

Episode: Firestorm (1×10)

Original Airdate:  Thursday, November 16, 2017 (Watched via Hulu on 11/17)

Notable Guest stars:

Richard Picardo (Ildis Kitan):  Known for being on Star Trek (As The Doctor/EMH) , and Stargate (as Richard Woolsey), as well as promoting science.   He’s one of my favorite guest stars to see.
Molly Hagan (Kitan):  I looked her up because I couldn’t figure out why she looked so familar.  Turns out that Ms. Hagan is a Frequent Flyer guest star on several programs I like.  Usually for only one episode.

This is a character focused episode.  In it we see Alara is having trouble dealing with the death of a co-worker and her involvement in the situation.  One of the highlights of this show is that they don’t get bogged down with technical stuff and procedural like story formats.  There are stories on occasion that use that format, but they focus on character’s lives outside work alot more then some sci-fi shows do.

Ok, since I am writing this as I watch, I have to admit I never saw the Clown Twist coming.  Like at first it seems like your typical character-focused episode where the character learns to overcome something (in this case guilt), but apparently I was wrong.

WARNING:  If you have a phobia involving Clowns or spiders do not watch this episode.  At one point there is a huge spider.  As I am a little arachnophobia, not the most comfortable scene.

Ok, another twist in the show.  I am startint to see that writing anything about this episode while watching is a bad idea and potentially spoil those who wanted a review but not too detailed a review.  So I am just going to stop.

Needless to say I was actually surprised at the twists.  Especially how they transitioned from act to act.  It was a well written episode.

Notable Quotes:

Ildis Kitan:  Oh, yes.  The Humans.  The Hillbillies of the galaxy

John:  Hobo clowns are the most dangerous because they are hungry.


  • I did not see the clown twist coming
  • The uniforms actually look comfortable.


  • Hillbilly seems like such a localized term, it seems odd that an alien, one who doesn’t view the humans very highly, would use the term.  Although this makes me wonder if its a term they do use, and what does it mean if that is the explanation?
  • clowns and spiders

Final Grade: A


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